Como fiz a minha carta de intenção para estudar no Canadá – leia a carta na íntegra


Um dos meus primeiros posts no blog foi como escrever a carta de intenção para estudar no Canadá. Por isso, decidi publicar na íntegra a minha carta para ajudar melhor quem está nessa etapa do processo.

Como vocês vão notar, eu forcei a barra em alguns momentos, puxei saco da Capilano também, o que faz parte, mesmo sabendo (agora que já estou aqui), que nada que eu escrevi sobre a faculdade é verdade, rs.

Segue a carta em inglês.

I am writing to inform you of my interest in the North American Business Management Applied Post Baccalaureate with specialization in Marketing. I currently hold my Bachelor’s of Social Communication with emphasis in Journalism from Centro Universitário de Belo Horizonte (UNIBH), having graduated with a GPA of 88,94 in august 2015.

I developed an interest in marketing in 2014, when I was hired for an internship at Encontro Magazine, one of the most important in my city. At that time I had to work with the marketing department of the company during a gastronomic festival sponsored by Encontro. I participated in the marketing meetings to develop online and off-line strategies to make the festival a success. Still at Encontro I became responsible for the digital marketing part of the company and also got involved in the women running festival promoted twice a year by Encontro. Even though I worked most of the time with digital marketing and journalism, I kept in touch with the marketing department in order to participate and learn more about its universe.

Also, in the last semestre of university I had the opportunity to study marketing in an online platform developed by UNIBH. The contente was interesting and more related to business administration, which enriched my knowledge in the area but the plataforma was poor, with many technical issues, making the experience a little bit frustrating. Despite the problems, taking this course increased my willingness in studying even more on a different level.

The idea of studying in Canada happened because, in 2012, I lived in Vancouver to study English for five months at ILAC. It was one of the best experiences of my live and it brought to my attention that the “Canadian way of life” is deeply connected to the quality of its education and it reflects in the way Canadians do business in their working environment.

With that in mind, I found the NABU course of Capilano University and, by browsing throughout its website, many things stand out. First, the required and elective courses match exactly to what I expect to learn from a marketing course. Second of all, the 3 week pre-sessional Business Essentials course is also something that excites me because great part of my family Works in the business área and it is a subject that I have always wanted to get to know more in order to participate in my family business.

I am also very curious about the work practicum that the course will allow me to do because I know how demanding the Canadian market can be. I believe I will create the networking I need to get my first job and to build a consistente career in the near future.

Another fact that makes my expectations even higher is the promise of studying with qualified professor who are references in the area. From my past experience in the university, theory and practicum sometimes had no relation to each other. In another words, the theory taught was too romanticized while the practicum activities demanded different approaches. I believe that this happened because all of my professors had already stopped working in the field for a long time, teaching something that not always was close to the new reality.

When I realized that Capilano focus on providing small classes to make the learning environment better for its students, I also found that it fits in to what I desire in order to enjoy every single moment of the theory classes. The reason for that is because I had some tough moments in my Brazilian university when I had classes with 50, 60 and, sometimes, more than 70 people in the same class room. That is why I am expecting to have a more organized experience that I know that a credible Canadian institution can give me.

Even though I am very young and a I haven’t had many work practicum after graduating because the Brazilian Market is facing a crisis, which affects deeply specially newly graduated students, I believe that my background in journalism and social communication will be extremely important while taking this new step in my life and career. In order to get even more acquainted to business and marketing, I have been studying own my own, taking online courses to get ready to the future.

Having the chance to study abroad in a country that I love and respect means a lot to me, specially because it is an expensive project that all my family and I are putting effort to make it happen. I am sure of what I am looking for and I am ready to become a student at Capilano University as a chance to develop new skills and to become a better person as well.

Best regards,

Bruna Reis.

2 comentários sobre “Como fiz a minha carta de intenção para estudar no Canadá – leia a carta na íntegra

    1. Oi, Jéssica! Realmente, morar sozinho em outro país não é fácil e confesso que estou sentindo mais esse peso nos últimos meses. Porém, parte de morar fora é ter a consciência de que altos e baixos fazem parte da jornada.
      Boa sorte para você!


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